Sweets for All


Gift-giving can be stressful business. Birthday gifts, shower gifts, hostess gifts, thank you gifts—the number of gifts we have to buy is positively mind-boggling. As we scour kitchen stores for a suitable housewarming gift for a new neighbour, we wonder, is there such a thing as a one-size fits all gift?
We finally figured it out. The answer to the quest for the universal gift: Candy.

(Who wouldn’t love a basket of the sweet stuff?)

Next time you’re in Westboro, drop in to The Candy Store. It is wall-to-wall goodness and will solve your gift-giving problems forever.

Now before you go crazy (which is very easy to do), spend a moment or two thinking about your recipients. Are they edgy and sophisticated? Pick up some salty French caramels, Caramel Au Beurre Sale Au Sel De Guerande, which hail from Paris, and are so rich and creamy they put those ho-hum grocery-store “caramels” to shame. Dark chocolate rules the roost here. The most popular brands include Galler from Belgium, NewTree bars (which were on Oprah’s O-list and have funky names like Tranquility and Sexy), and Theobroma (an award-winning organic Canadian-made bar).


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