That’s Delivery


Like you, we at SavvyMom are always fantasizing about a better, faster way to get healthy groceries home. Wouldn’t it be ideal if your favorite items would all just pile into a cart, propel themselves to your door, let themselves in and put themselves away?

We haven’t yet figured out how to make that happen, but we are very excited about a new way to get them to your door, Ottawa Organics & Natural Foods.

Ottawa Organics is a company operating out of Centretown that takes your grocery order online and delivers your selected items free of charge. All products are certified organic or contain mainly organic ingredients. The variety is impressive: there is a full range of fruits and vegetables, snack foods, local breads and bakery items, dairy products, juices, coffees and teas. You can get a discount on fruits and veggies by placing a standing weekly order for a mixed basket of seasonal items, or just order a la carte if you prefer.

Ottawa Organics tries to source produce locally whenever possible, but brings items in from other countries when they’re not available here—for example, you can still buy blueberries in winter, but they may come from Argentina. In August, they’ll come from Ontario or Quebec.

If you like the idea of a standing order for fruits and veggies, you can fill out a preference form online to let the company know which items you’ll never want, sometimes want, or often want, so they can tailor your baskets accordingly.


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