Let Them Bake Cake


Open box. Add water. Mix. Bake. Open tin. Spread frosting. Add candles. Serve.

Of course we’ve all done it. (How else would we know the instructions so well?) But if you are looking to graduate from the Easy-Bake oven recipes, we know Bonnie Gordon can ensure that your next birthday centerpiece resonates with culinary creativity and baking bravery.

Bonnie is best known as one of Canada’s premier wedding cake designers. One year ago she opened the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts in midtown Toronto to share her skills and wisdom with the rest of us. The school trains aspiring cake designers or those currently working in the field who wish to upgrade their skills, but several of the introductory courses are perfect for moms wanting to bring out their baking “A” game. Graduates rave about finding a new creative outlet and some have even gone on to become baking mom entrepreneurs by launching their own birthday cake businesses.


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