Nurture the Network


A stalled economy, a sick household, a warming planet, another sleepless night, an unrelenting winter, childcare problems, bickering sibs…the list goes on. It’s all part of our daily grind…. How do we do it? One word: Girlfriends. We are each other’s rocks. In times like these, we need to celebrate and nurture our network of fellow mommy warriors who battle along side us. Call it a Stimulus Package SavvyStyle: it’s time for a G.N.O. (that’s “Girls’ Night Out”). Treat yourself and your posse to one of these outings. You won’t regret it.

G is for Groovy…
Round up your closest confidants, put on your heels and head downtown to Delilah’s Martini Bar for fancy drinks, candlelit tables and plush velvet booths complete with curtains—perfect for Girl Talk. The experience oozes the decadence that we domestic divas deserve. The Pacific Northwest cuisine is widely acclaimed, including a delicious dessertmenu that changes daily…yes, daily. Open from 5 pm ‘til late, Delilah’s is the perfect hub for you and your pals to reboot and recharge.


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