Waisting Away


So what did you do for fun when you were a kid? Roller skate? Jump rope? Hide and seek? Maybe you did all of the above. Lucky you.
For many of us, hula hooping was the activity of choice. But as those pink swirly hoops floated effortlessly around our lithe waists, our heads were not filled with words like “cardiovascular”, “calories”, and “core strength”. That was fun, plain and simple.

Well hooray for us! Hooping is back, but this time it’s for grown-ups. Adult-sized hoops for fitness hooping are bigger and heavier, and give us a better workout than the lightweight ones of our younger days…and you know what? It’s still just as fun.

Local mom and hardcore hooper Brigitte Ethier (who also goes by the name Hooperella) is teaching a new hooping class at Dovercourt Recreation Centre and she says if you’ve got rhythm, you can hoop.


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