Haste Makes Taste


We really, really, DO want to cook tasty, healthy meals, just like our moms did. Really. But where the heck did they find the time?
Well, our pie-making mothers may have been great with blueberries, but they weren’t juggling Blackberries. And ‘apples’ were for baking with—not for word processing. Home office? Hadn’t been invented yet.

Moms have a lot on their plate these days—and unfortunately we’re not talking about food. But now even the most time-crunched parent can serve wonderful meals thanks to some innovative new dinner services.

How would you like to arrive home from a busy day to find a cooler on your doorstep, full of fresh ingredients that have already been washed and prepped for supper? Then you might like Sliced Tomatoes, a local company that delivers everything you need to put together a delicious meal, complete with varied side dishes and salads. Just preorder the entrees of your choice from the menu any time up to 2 am, on the day of delivery, and enjoy the knowledge that next day’s dinner will be a snap.

How much of a snap? Well, our tester’s 13 year-old son was able to follow the instructions, and within 30 minutes was dishing up Caribbean-style free-run chicken breasts and a spinach/cranberry salad with an amazing poppy seed dressing. And the clean-up was minimal, too.

Prices run at about $9 or $10 per serving (sides included), and you can rest easy knowing that most of the ingredients are organic or naturally-raised, eco-sensitive, local when possible, and health-conscious: think whole grains and hormone-free.


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