Ottawa Facebook Groups For Moms

Ottawa Facebook Groups

Love it or hate it, Facebook has become integrated into many of our lives. We use it to search out family activities or local business hours, we connect with family and friends from all over the world, we consume news information from it, and more recently over the years, parents are turning to Facebook to find information and support.

Private Facebook groups have risen over the years as a place to buy, and trade items, learn more about your own neighbourhood or connect with fellow moms.

We’ve rounded up a few examples of Ottawa-based parenting and mom Facebook groups that you may find helpful. As with most groups, there are certain recommendations and rules to follow; codes of conduct that help make user experiences better. It’s always good to read these before joining a new group. We love how many of these Facebook groups are giving rise to offline community connections and gatherings as well. Of course, when in doubt, if you aren’t loving the group, you can always leave it – this is one of the benefits of these social platforms!

If you are new to Ottawa or want to explore more Facebook groups, start by searching groups in your own neighbourhood. Often, local groups in Orleans, Barrhaven, Kanata, Westboro and more provide posts and conversations that are more specific to those areas (rather than citywide) which can be helpful when you have questions about nearby parks or restaurants, schools and school events, or community gatherings.

Here are some Ottawa-based Facebook mom groups you can turn to for some helpful advice, to learn about new activities or meet fellow moms in your community:

Dope Moms of Ottawa

One of Ottawa’s newest, but most booming, mom groups, Dope Moms of Ottawa, was established to help other moms connect with each other. The connection continues frequently online with daily discussions about daycare or menu planning, but also offline thanks to a series of special events run by the group creator Brianna Chapman and partners. Events like their special Halloween or Holiday parties, or mom gatherings are very popular and a great way to meet others. The Dope Moms of Ottawa group gives back to the community as well, with proceeds of merchandise sales being given to CHEO.

Mom Break: A Facebook Group You Won’t Hate

We even love the name of this group! Popular Ottawa mom blogger, Erica Fraser, owner of Mom Break, hosts a Facebook Group that promises moms they won’t hate it and offers support and a welcoming community. We can vouch that it’s a pretty cool place to be. Erica shares interesting articles from around the web, recent blog posts, and community members are frequently sharing their own finds to help fellow moms.

Kids in the Capital

What we love about Kids in the Capital is that this group is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to events happening in town and local business activities. We can typically count on Kids in the Capital to keep us posted when a new PD Day camp is available or how to entertain the kids on the weekend, and community members can post their request for an item they are looking for and many local shops will be suggested. Kids in the Capital is a part of the long-time Ottawa blog also called Kids in the Capital.




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