The Best Local Juice Bars & Smoothies in Toronto

Local Juice Bars Toronto

A fresh, healthy start to the new year is always a good thing, but powering through the recommended daily servings of produce can be exhausting. On days when you hardly have time to eat let alone peel, chop, roast or sauté, locally-made smoothies, cold-pressed juices and tonics can help you inch closer to that daily quota. Vitamin-packed, these potent potions will help energize and reset your whole crew. Here’s where to get some in the Toronto area.

Anti Vice Juicery


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If an apple a day is a panacea for what ails you, imagine what an apple blended with pineapple, Chaga mushroom tea, grapefruit and echinacea can do! Find this immunity powerhouse, along with more than a dozen other made-to-order juices and smoothies, at Anti Vice, a place where fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and more are meticulously mixed into energy-, beauty-, and health-inducing brews. Order kids a matcha- and almond milk-based Samurai or Mango Lassi and don’t be surprised when they don’t want to share.

Black River

A ubiquitous grocery-store denizen, Black River juice isn’t just easy to find. It’s also a purely-Canadian company turning local fruit into bottled bliss. Founded in 1979, Mississauga-based Black River crafts juices and ciders from cold-pressed Ontario apples, pears, black cherries and more. For more exotic flavours, from pineapple to pomegranate, the finest fruit is imported from other provinces and further afield. Made without added sugars, the company’s products are a handy substitute for the syrupy thirst-quenchers your kids crave.



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Few places are as aptly named as this cheerful Queen West spot where every nourishing dish, smoothie and cold-pressed option is like a power-packed jolt for waning January energy. Smoothies and juices are crammed with superfoods from kale and berries to dark chocolate and activated charcoal. Try them all and prepare for the power surge.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

If you started the new year resolved to opt for organic, reduce your carbon footprint and thrive on vitamin-rich sustenance, Greenhouse Juice is the place for you. Here, organic, local produce is cold-pressed into all manner of healthy-sounding, immune-boosting beverages from plant milk and kombucha to pocket-sized boosters. Packed in stylish, reusable glass, these plant-packed potions are good for the planet and good for the family.

Pulp & Press

As parents, we all know the power of the humble supermarket snack. Sure, it may actually tame hunger but, much, much more importantly, it serves as entertainment and (hallelujah!) distraction. For a snack that packs the most punch, London-based Pulp & Press’ raw, organic offerings are as nutrient-dense as they come. Though some kids may balk at veg-forward flavours, they’ll have no problem with sweeter, fruit-forward drinks. They’ll also be so inspired by names like Hulk, Beta Blaster and Red Monster that they won’t notice when you scurry past the sugar cereals without breaking stride.

Village Juicery


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Trust holistic nutritionists to understand how best to harness the vitamins, fibre and minerals of the freshest organic ingredients. At Village Juicery, an enticing roster of cold-pressed juices, designed by a team of experts, ranges from the carrot-based Be Radiant to the super-tart, grapefruit-infused Hydrate and Heal. Other options, from Brain Tonic to a Good Night super shot guarantee that whether you need to clear the fog, add pep to your step or detox after regrettable holiday decisions, you’ll find just what the doctor ordered.


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