Our Favourite Kitchen Tools and Gadgets


Oh kitchen gadgets—how we do love thee. Discovering a device that will make dinner prep go faster or make clean-up less of a chore is fun. Here are the tools our editors love most. From our favourite flipper to the citrus juicer we discovered we all own to the one gadget our food editor uses every day—they’re not all fancy but they all work wonders.

Chef'n Citrus Juicer

This one is truly a staff favourite—more than one (or four) of us swear by it. It absolutely crushes lemons to extract every last drop of juice, and no seeds or pulp make it past the strainer.

onion keeper

This little guy keeps onion fresh and locks in aroma, so the smell doesn’t leach into other produce. Bonus: Knowing our onion is in the same container every time means we can actually find that half onion from the other night in an over-stuffed fridge.

icing pen

Decorating and writing on cookies, cupcakes, and cake with this icing pen is only a million times easier than using a regular piping bag and tip.



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