Fun Guaranteed


Yay, it’s finally summer! We love outdoor play, so let’s make the most of it with these toys that are guaranteed to keep them outside for hours. Some are classics and some are new—and all are sure to keep them active, happy and breathing in the fresh air from now until well past Labour Day.

Cut Us Some Slack  
Got a climber on your hands? Us too. This low rope slackline course allows the little ones to practice their balance skills and get ready for rock climbing and bouldering. (Summer Fun!)

Take Cover
These pool noodle water canons are the best water toys ever, and super easy for little hands to use. Put on a suit and it’s just like being at the splash pad—except you don’t actually have to go to the splash pad! (Summer Fun!)

Bombs Away  
A huge bunch of balloons perfectly filled and tied in under a minute? Nice. Just attach to the garden hose, turn on the water, and shake off the balloons…tah dah! 100 water balloons, ready to go. It’s easy enough for kids to do themselves, and we guarantee you a happy, giggly bunch. (Summer Fun!)

Summer’s here, and we want to spend every glorious moment outside.

Make the most out of summer play—keep clicking to see the rest of our Best Outdoor Toys for Summer.



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