Package for You, Sir


I admit I’€™ve submitted this post early predicting a possible polite appeal to rewrite from the editors. I wouldn’€™t blame them either, but this observation deserves telling and most moms will smirk and take it in stride. I can also say this observation is not limited to all the little boys out there, I’€™ve heard tell stories of little girls that are equally amusing.
Discovery is a constant with a baby. Baxter discovers something new every day. This morning, he figured out the boomerang effect on his toys. Merely roll them off the edge of the excersaucer (aka excersaviour), repeat a mantra which resembles the early stages of crying, and the toy magically reappears. Repeat.

More amusing to me, is the discovery of his boyhood’€”his partners in crime, aka his package. I’€™ve heard all the stories and there is no doubt that changing Baxter’€™s diaper has become instantly more challenging with us both battling on opposing sides; I wish to cleanse and cover, he wishes to expose and grab. Please, this isn’€™t sexual. This is honest and innocent exploration of some new and fun territory.

I’€™m not going to judge him. He’€™s all of five months and deserves some new responsibilities. However, Amy fears he’€™s taking these responsibilities too far. Remember that this is a boy with very little dexterity and fine motor skills. Hands are open. Hands are closed. Between is a quick, clunky and somewhat mechanical movement that is oh-so-amusing when he is scratching the back of his head. And as Amy cringes and turns her head, I am trying to convince Amy that nothing is going to rupture or break off, and beyond the inconvenience of playing defense during a dirty diaper change, this is a phase that is quite natural’€”a phase that will most likely evolve and never really go away. Ever.

Sorry ladies.


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