Party On, Parents


I love parties in any shape or form and ones that celebrate a milestone are at the top of my list. So weddings, christenings, anniversaries, adult birthdays (40th birthdays seem to be popular right now for me), family reunions, kids birthday parties…they are great excuses to throw a bash to mark an important date with friends and family.
Recently, I came across two new types of parties worth mentioning. Sadly, I haven’t been invited to either one yet (and anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like not being invited to a party).

The first one I learned about on the Bunch Family site: Divorce Parties. How cool. Parents want to celebrate the fact that they are getting a divorce and make sure everyone is OK with it, so they’re throwing a rock concert to announce the split. It works if you’re a rock star, I guess. I hope it’s inspirational for other families who aren’t rock stars. I can’t help but think that accountants might have a tougher time with the party element but who am I to judge? If there is a way to make things easier for everyone involved, I’m all for it.

Then I learned about another new party trend from reading through Emma Waverman’s blog, Embrace the Chaos. They are for Dads who are married but haven’t had kids yet. Apparently they are throwing parties for themselves called ‘Daddymoons’, ‘Dachelor Parties’ or as I prefer, ‘Man Showers’. Man Showers is a more appropriate name I believe, because I want to think they stem from the fact that women have baby showers. That is the only logical argument for man showers I can find. There is a distinct difference between a party where women congregate on a Sunday afternoon, drink tea, talk about contractions and make the poor mother-to-be wear ribbons on her head to a party where men drink from a ‘Diaper Keg’. I’m just sayin’.

I won’t judge the dads, but I will say that I do hope they are having the parties well enough in advance of the due date. I just can’t help but smile thinking about the first morning it’s his turn to get up with the baby. I hope he doesn’t have to smell the fumes from the diaper genie the morning after consuming a diaper keg.

Here’s to parties!


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