The Perfect Gift for Any Kid on Your List


All moms know: there’s the holiday shopping short list, and there’s the holiday shopping master list.

On the short list: your significant other, your kids, and immediate family.

On the long list: the in-laws, your nieces and nephews, something for the office Secret Santa, your kids’ dance/soccer/gymnastics coach, Debbie from the hockey carpool, the kids’ teacher…it goes on.

If you find yourself needing a gift for a young child, Crayola Color Wonder is always a sure-fire hit. We don’t know a single tyke who doesn’t love either markers or paints, and the chance to unleash their inner artiste.  And we don’t know a single mom who wouldn’t appreciate the fact that Crayola Color Wonder paints and markers only work on Color Wonder paper. That’s right, the markers and paints won’t work on other paper, fabric, skin, walls…anything! Only on Color Wonder paper, which means your kid could go full Banksy and try their best mural on the kitchen wall…to no effect. Or your four-year-old could try to ‘tattoo’ your two-year old, also to no effect.

What parent wouldn’t appreciate that gift?

Plus, since you know that Color Wonder is so mess-free and only colours on the special paper, it works beautifully as a distraction when visiting relatives’ homes (where you really, really don’t want the kids making a mess) and during car trips. (Check the portable Stow & Go kit, which gives them a flat surface to colour on and stores the markers.)


Know the kiddo on your list has a favourite character or show? Crayola Color Wonder has colouring sheets that feature Minnie and Mickey, Lightning McQueen and Mater, the Ninja Turtles, Paw Patrol, Anna and Elsa, Disney princesses, and more.

Your holiday shopping: done, done, and done. You’re welcome.

Crayola’s assortment of Color Wonder products are available at all major retailers, but can also be found on Crayola’s online store.

This post has been brought to you by Crayola but the opinions are our own.


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