Pick of the Week: ABC Pop-Up

abc pop up image

When it comes to books about learning the alphabet, there’s not exactly a shortage out there. So, when something original pops up (see what we did there?), we sit up and take note.

Courtney Watson McCarthy’s ABC Pop-Up takes the classic picture book to the next level by bringing our ABC’s to life. The classics are still there (A is for Apple, B is for Book…) but the paper engineer and graphic designer takes some witty and surprising twists elsewhere.

Every parent will relate to N which stands for No (no, no, and again, NO). But our favourite has to be S for Swing, in which we see a sprawling tree pop out of the pages, complete with a teeny-tiny tire swing dangling from the branches.

The elegant and charming book comes with no additional text, which makes it a great jumping off point for discussions with your kid (a couple of the letters even took us a second to get!)

Despite its incredibly intricate design, the book comes in at just under $30. And we have a sneaking suspicion it’s going to be one of those books you want to hold on to long after your little one knows their ABC.

Available at Indigo.ca, $28.62, Ages 5-9.


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