Goody Ouchless Hairbrush

SavvyMom September 6, 2016
goody ouchless brush 2

It’s a small miracle, but the Goody® Ouchless® Girls Hairbrush does just what it says—combs through hair without causing ouchies.

Created especially for brushing long hair (hence the ‘girls’ branding), the secret is in the design of the trademarked bristles. They’re strong (to stand up to tangles) but extremely flexible (so there’s no snagging or pulling). We tried it on our own wild-haired Savvy babies, and it detangled the tresses of a long-haired two-year old and eight-year old—without any complaining from them. Miracle.


$13, available at Walmart, Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, Jean Coutu, and more.  

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