Pick of the Week: ‘Other Life Lessons’ Kids Books

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Brand new book series addresses grief, entitlement and working moms

When I had my first daughter, I knew very little about how to prepare her for big changes and life events and social situations and everything else she would have to try and understand in life.

But I did know that making sense of my world was made easier through books and writing. Being an English Literature major in university and a big-time lover of books, words made sense to me. So, when we were about to introduce a little sister into my daughter’s life, I picked up books on new babies and being a big sister, and one called Mama’s Right Here that made me sob and sob in the children’s section of the book store. When she was about to head to kindergarten, I bought Willow Finds a Way to help her learn about making friends and social situations.

It’s safe to say I love books. So, when I found out about these brand new kids books that address real-life situations, I became an instant fan.

Other Life Lessons are a series of picture books that include the titles Life’s Not Fair, Sometimes Someone Dies and Why Mommy Works. They’re created by two Canadian moms, Meaghan Hadwyn and Niki Snjaric, who decided to develop the honest children’s books after struggling to find books that addressed some of the more uncomfortable real-life issues.

With cute, bright illustrations, the books use playful language like “…the truth of it is, that’s just not the case. Sometimes life can hurt, and you come in last place” to hit home and tell realistic stories.

And while the series was created for kids, it’s also aimed at the adults reading them. In Why Mommy Works, it says “Maybe Mommy worked hard for that job she goes to” (Yes! Thank you!), but still manages to remain balanced with phrases like “Maybe she works in your home while you get to play. She still works really hard, even when it’s not for pay”.

One of the best parts is that Meaghan and Niki care about service and giving back. They not only hope to have a positive impact on children’s mental health by introducing difficult life lessons early on, they’re also donating a portion of all profits from the books to children’s mental health initiatives.

I’m definitely eager to get home and explore them with my kids.


Series One of the Other Life Lessons books is available at otherlifelessons.com 



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