Pop Some Corn

popcornDo you want your kids to think you’re magic? Pop some corn on the stove—in a pot! If you have a pot with a clear lid use that so they can see what is popping inside the pot. Then just watch their jaws drop and their eyes pop out of their faces. Our microwave in the bag/movie going toddler set (and anyone under thirty, frankly) is likely never to have seen popcorn popped in a pot, on the stove, with melted butter dripping on top. Poor things.
All you need is a bag of kernels, some butter, salt and about 2 Tbsp of oil. Pour the oil and some butter (butter at this stage is optional but I like to include it for taste—about a tbsp) in the pot until melted and hot. Add enough kernels to cover the bottom of the pot and more, and turn the heat to medium. Wait for the first pop, then the second and then the tenth…keep the lid on and keep moving the pot back and forth so the kernels move around and the popped ones don’t stick to the bottom.

Pour the popped corn into a bowl. Melt more butter in the same pot immediately after. Pour melted butter on top and add salt (to taste) and mix well. It will bring you back to your childhood…just remember to share some with your kids.


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