Popsicle Toes


‘Tis the season (all of a sudden) when mothers everywhere begin to worry about that age-old concern, keeping their babies warm. While Cold Head Challenge is readily addressed with a cute new hat, Cold Feet and Ankle Exposure Syndrome is a whole other problem.
Snowsuits ride up, and most boots get kicked off (and can seem like overkill when the little one can’t even walk). Those cute leather shoes you have aren’t going to be warm enough by themselves (no matter how many pairs you received as baby gifts).

What’s a mom to do? Well, necessity is the mother of invention—or, as we like to say, necessity gets mothers inventing.

West Coast mom, Tracey Von Dehn, enjoyed spending time outdoors engaging in various winter pursuits with her husband, but struggled to keep her first-born son’s ankles and feet warm. Well, necessity won over, and she came up with the perfect bootie solution. (Where else but the Great White North?)


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