Practicality is Skin Deep


We’ve all been through it: the undeniable urge to transform our home into a tableau from the pages of your fave home décor mag. Impossible when your children are pre-programmed to seek and destroy everything in your home, right? Wrong. At Potato Skins, you can find the solution to your high-traffic living room angst.
Crazy as it sounds, Lisa Charles, owner of Toronto’s Potato Skins slipcover shop recommends a soft plush off-white suede-like fabric to cover your family room sofa. Yes, the same sofa Jack jumps on with his muddy sneakers and Jill uses to hide Cheerios and Play-Doh balls down in the cracks can be transformed into a practical – and attractive – centerpiece for your family room.

At Potato Skins, you can have a slipcover tailor-made for any chair or sofa. The faux suede and white bleachable cotton twill that Lisa recommends are durable, washable and cheap. The SavvyMom team likes the new improved Casual Covers for maximum value and practicality. For an average of $400 (depending on the size of your sofa) you can achieve that domestic diva style you thought was on hold for a few years.

Nowhere near Yonge St. or Toronto (and happy about that, thank you very much)? That’s no problem as long as you know how to use a measuring tape, the internet and a mail box. Follow the step by step instructions (with diagrams and everything), and your slipcover can be shipped straight to you.

So each time the power rangers spill their milk or your little princess drips her new nail polish, you can rip the cover off and throw it in the machine.

Don’t be put off by the high carb/trans fatty name of this shop. This place offers gorgeous, sensible solutions that will solve your living room blues (or the whites you thought you could never have).

Special offer to SavvyMom subscribers: print out this page and bring it with you to Potato Skins before October 20th and you will receive a 5% discount on your order.

Potato Skins

2073 Yonge Street, Toronto


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