Things that Go Bump in the Night


Sunday, 6:35 am
Another bump on your forehead. A mild abrasion to your elbow. A stubbed toe (the kind that hurts).

We’re not 20 anymore, and these are not Saturday night UPI’s (unidentifiable party injuries). The above are actual results depicting the dangers of parenting in the dark.

Our solution? The emphasis light:night. Is it a space ship or a glow-in-the-dark hockey puck? No, it’s a safe and practical portable luminary (a.k.a. flashlight), a nightlight, lantern, safety light, and decorative lamp, all in one.

We like it for its multi-functionality, not just its very groovy design. Parents and kids of all ages will too.

Parents will appreciate it during late night feedings and diaper changes, bedtime stories, bathroom runs or baby checks. Kids will have fun with it reading in bed, inside forts and playing Aliens Landing on Planet Top Bunk.

It never gets hot – so no burned fingers. It won’t shatter because it’s made from the same material in bulletproof glass. Our best efforts were made at testing the “shatterproof” feature resulting in damages to the home but not to the light:night. It delivers up to 14 hours of light on a full charge, and an auto-on feature makes it easy to find during power outages.

The older kids we tested discovered the fun with glow in the dark mini-stix hockey and thought it looked “sweet” in their rooms, “dude.”

So don’t trip over the Tonka truck next time. We want you to save your spinal column for lifting, lugging and other parental activities.

Light:nights are brand new so hit the stores below and get them while they are hot (not!).

Becoming Maternity and Parenting Centre
505 Eglinton Ave West, Toronto
416 440 4020

Dearborn Baby Express
72 Doncaster Ave, Thornhill
905 881 3334

Lil Niblets & Baby Sprouts
1654 Avenue Road, Toronto

2223 Dundas St. West, Toronto

1399 King Street North, St. Jacobs
(519) 664 3464

Or try online at


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