Mistaken Identity


Pencil case—black hole. New left running shoe—off to the lost city of Atlantis. Favourite Thomas train piece—must have ended up in the same place that all those lost socks go.

School’s been back for just over a week and already three critical things have gone astray, you’ve had to run out to Staples just before closing time twice to replace missing school supplies, and you’re starting to realize you need to come up with a plan to avoid having to buy yet another new lunchbox by the end of September.

Allow us to introduce you to two of our favorite solutions for this every-mom dilemma and help arm you for this valiant self-identification effort.

Mabel’s Labels promises to reduce your workload with their fantastic dishwasher-and microwave-safe stick-on-labels that can be used on cups, toys, books, sunscreen bottles, lunchboxes, wipes containers, show-and-tell items, sports equipment—pretty much anything; their stick-in shoe labels (You’ll LOVE these ones—have you ever tried to get your marker inside a kid’s shoe and then write legibly?); and their iron-ons which are so simple to apply, it’s worth the trip downstairs to the ironing board.


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