Better than a Swiss Army Knife

SavvyMom March 31, 2016

It’s late and the chaos begins. You rush through the door wondering what you can make for dinner with only two eggs and a bottle of salsa in the fridge, Jack is begging you to plan his birthday party while Jill turns the house upside down looking for that brochure promising “the perfect art camp”.
Daily life doesn’t have to be madness when solutions to your dilemmas are edited and delivered by a dependable voice. Enter is mom’s new secret weapon, the trusted source for time-crunched moms delivered to your computer’s inbox two to three times a week. has up-to-the-minute scoops on places to go, cool party ideas, short cuts, and tips — you know, savvy stuff — for moms and their tots. content categories include: Home and Family Life; Wellness and Beauty; Food, Drink and Parties; Fashion Gear and Other Stuff; and Out and About. Upcoming e-mails will reveal the best roofer in town, back-to-school labeling solutions, and our fave, new sexy (and comfy!) undies. As well, stay tuned for the scoop on good food solutions for the whole family, home renovation and decorating ideas, finance advice from experts, the perfect baby gift, stress-free birthday parties, children’s outing locations, some exclusive deals for our subscribers and much more.

So, now that you have your new secret weapon, you can ditch the old Swiss army knife — it’s too dangerous around the kids anyway.

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