Ringing in the New Year


Will you be toasting 2011 quietly with (or without) the kids, celebrating with friends or doing something more unusual? This was the question posed at SavvyHQ just before everyone headed out for the holidays. Some of us were heading out of town, while others of us were home sweet home for the whole holiday break.
My husband, daughter and I are going to have a nice quiet evening at home together. We love exploring various nibblies on New Year’s Eve along with our traditional cheese fondue. It’s our chance to take a step back from the ‘busy-ness’ we’ve just experienced and relax together. I also have a special journal that I only write on January 1 each year. New Year’s Eve is a nice time to reflect back on what I’ve written previous years.

As per this season’s new tradition of sharing, here’s what some of us are up to for the last night of 2010:

“The girls have a dance party at daycare and Dave and I will spend the day shopping or going to the movies. Then, after the girls go to bed, we will probably watch a movie, eat some appetizers, countdown to 2011 and go to bed.” – Leslie, Sales Coordinator & Project Manager

“We will be staying in. Usually we order Chinese food.” – Maggie, National Account Manager

“Our family annual tradition of attending the ‘Party on the Pond’ in Canmore—an outdoor skating, bonfire, fireworks, hot chocolate event—with all five of us in bed by 11!” – Sarah, Publisher & Co-Founder

“We will be ringing in the new year with friends at their ski chalet in Collingwood and skiing on New Year’s Day!” – Denise, Director of Client Services

What are you doing this New Year’s Eve?


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