Say Yes to Beautiful II


The holiday season is upon us but our hair is not looking any brighter these days. A little pre-holiday pick-me-up is what a mom needs and Suave has just the thing to make you look better without killing your wallet at the spa.
Suave reminds every mom to put herself on the to-do list at It’s a great place to go to for a break from the holiday rush, have a few laughs, share some stories with other moms and get some holiday hair tips from Suave.

Visit for the latest “momedy” videos—they will make you laugh and cry! Does dropping your kids off at school on a Saturday morning sound familiar? Or trimming your bangs with the craft scissors? You can read about Mom’s biggest bloopers, find practical and affordable beauty tips, free downloads and a chance to tell others what you REALLY think of motherhood. The Motherboards have been heating up the airwaves! You can find advice, find a laugh and join the party of moms across Canada sharing information.

Go to and say yes to yourself. Say yes to beautiful without paying the price™.


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