Fun with Food


I do not like green eggs and hamI do not like them, Mom and Dad
I do not like to eat your food
I’m simply never in the mood

But if you made my meals more fun
I could become the perfect son
And if you let me help prepare
I think that I might just, I might,
Start to eat and stop the fight.

There is a mountain of evidence that points to the importance of eating together as a family and of involving children in healthy food choices. The pressure.

But never fear, it can be fun
‘Cause we have found another one
A new book that improves your mood
While the kids can have some fun with food

Get the kids involved in the menu planning with the latest from the world of Dr. Seuss, the Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook. The author, Georgeane Brennan (an award-winning cookbook author and journalist) combed through all 44 Dr. Seuss books to discover wacky Seussian foods to bring to life.


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