Sherlock for a Day


Bid adieu to screen time and bonjour to quality outside time with our printable Scavenger Hunt. Not only does it help them practice their reading, logical deduction and creativity skills, it’s sure to elicit squeals of laughter and boatloads of teamwork.

Just print and play!

The Beginning
Have the first clue arrive by special delivery, be it owl post, cottage mail or something bespoke for the family. Cool stickers, glitter, and/or crazy colours on the envelopes and paper will build the excitement.

Clue #1
Look beside the house, but be quiet as a mouse. (Added points if the kids act like mice, make mice ears and tails, and talk about mouse habits.)

Clue #2
If you don’t look in the flowers, you will be looking for many hours. (This is a good chance to talk about plants, flower identification, and to generally…you got it… stop to smell the roses.)

That’s just the beginning. Click here for the rest of the clues in our printable DIY Scavenger Hunt.



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