Simple Skillet Dinners


Now that we’€™ve been back to school and in the swing of things for three weeks, two things are for certain:

  • Letting my children make their own school lunches was a very good move on my part.
  • We need more skillet dinners like the one pictured above.

The lunches were a no brainer. With a child going into Grade 7, it was time to pass the lunch-making torch into his capable hands. I’€™ve only seen him trying to pack a peanut butter sandwich once, and two pieces of fruit are making it into his stainless steel tin each day, so we’€™re off to a good start.

With respect to the dinner, this chicken and kale pizza bake was definitely one of the most popular things I put on the dinner table lately, and I’€™m glad because it was so easy that it will certainly be making an appearance each week for the next nine months. Well, maybe not this meal exactly, but definitely a variation of it.

The thing with skillet dinners is that most of them are made the same way, and the ingredients are easily interchangeable. If you don’€™t have kale on hand, use zucchini, or maybe even mushrooms. Feel free to replace the chicken with pork chops or shrimp. Swap the pizza sauce for crushed tomatoes or white wine, and feta can be used in lieu of mozzarella if you’€™re in a pinch. The point is, take the method below and use it to make a slew of simple skillet dinners for your family.

Find the full printable recipe here: Chicken and Kale Pizza Bake


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