Simply Child’s Play


You know there is a movement afoot when McDonald’s is selling sliced apples in a bag.
Yes, the fast food chains are starting to take some responsibility for the state of the nation when it comes to children’s health—but it’s not all their fault.

Silken Laumann, one of Canada’s greatest sports heroes and a role model for healthy active living, has released a book called Child’s Play, which reaches out to parents for accountability when it comes to children’s health.

Child’s Play is a call to action for parents, a guide to reconnecting with our kids, and a blueprint for building safe, supportive communities and healthy schools. The facts on childhood obesity, depression and inactivity are staggering. Silken comes right out and points to the parents: “Our kids are unwell and we need to find the strength and energy to take action…. We must do better on behalf of our kids; we can make their world a healthier, better place.” The solution, she says, is as simple as ‘child’s play’.


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