Just to Be Clear II


A Message from Our Editors
We’re thrilled to have welcomed so many new subscribers to SavvyMom Today in the six months since we last sent you the skinny on savvy. So, we hope that you will indulge us today while we remind you why we do what we do and how we do it. Just to be clear.

What’s the essence of SavvyMom?

SavvyMom was born out of a recognition that moms are time-crunched and often depend on referrals from friends to make their lives (and decisions) easier. We aim to be that trusted voice for you, providing edited and simplified information. We cut straight to the point and tell you what we think is the best solution for moms’ many to-do’s.

How do you decide what to write about?

We write about the things we love, and what we find to be useful as moms. All of the products and services featured on SavvyMom Today have been tried and tested by the Savvy Moms and/or our global team of Savvy Scouts.

Do you make money from the products and services you feature?

No. We do not receive a penny from anything we write about on SavvyMom Today, even when we arrange a subscriber deal for you. Not one. That is contrary to our strict editorial policy and it would take the fun and trust away from our writing.

So how do you make money then?

We sell ad space on the emails (clearly marked as such) we send to you on Tuesdays and Thursdays to carefully selected partners whom we think have something relevant to share with you. From time to time, we will also send you an extra email on behalf of an advertiser. They are always clearly marked ‘From Our Partner’. We’re sorry if you don’t love them, but they pay the rent (and the web-hosting fees, and the lawyers, and the research costs …). We could not deliver SavvyMom Today without them.

How can I find old articles you have published?

Easy. Go to www.savvymom.ca for our searchable archive which contains every published article. Don’t bother to bookmark or save your fave e-mails. They are all right there for your convenience.

Is SavvyMom only for moms in Toronto?

No. We know that Toronto is not the centre of the universe and we do endeavour to ensure that our content is widely accessible. However, certain topics do need to be addressed locally (think diaper pick up, restaurants & furnace guys) and Toronto is where we are. Stayed tuned for news on our Vancouver edition coming soon.

Any other questions? Please let us know.

A profound thank you to our loyal readers for signing up, reading SavvyMom Today, sending in your ideas and telling all your friends about us. Your enthusiasm is overwhelming and we truly appreciate it.

We hope you continue to enjoy reading SavvyMom Today – we certainly enjoy bringing it to you.


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