Slippery Things


I’€™m not an outdoorsman, but I’€™ve held my fair share of fish on a line. You need to be quick and certain to take hold and remove the hook.
My boyhood friend had a pet salamander. My goal that year was to simply get the thing in my hand. It never happened.

And now that I am grown up and married with a baby, I find myself faced with the same task but with new circumstances. Keeping an eye on Baxter is a new game. In seconds, he could be anywhere. It seems like anything can happen. He’€™s a loose cannon on a steep hill.

It’€™s the day-to-day maintenance of this mobile newbie that requires skills I don’€™t quite possess. Re-enter the diaper. I used to be good with the diaper change. I have fast hands, long fingers, and nimble, tactile agility, all of which are perfectly useless if your baby has bizarre eastern-European strength and a desire to be anywhere but on his back. Combine this with his insatiable appetite to find the nearest toy (or remote) and introduce it to his recently freed Willie, and I’€™m left at the losing end of the wrestling match.

It does, however, make for great photography (it would be better if Amy wasn’€™t laughing so hard).


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