Smooth Operator


Winter things we moms could do without:
1. The perpetual runny nose (how could so much mucus fit inside those tiny sinuses)?

2. The 1/2 hour snowsuit struggle. You know, the ‘get up every morning a half hour earlier because it takes so long’ struggle. (Wrestle it on. Take it off. Where’s that hat? At what age can kids keep mittens on their hands anyway? Yes, you DO have to wear your snow pants today.)

3. Seriously dry skin. Hands are bad (too many dishes) but your poor feet are worse.

Well, we’re still working on the first two, but we think we’ve got the solution to the flakes on your feet. Listen up and your heels will feel like buttah in no time.

The foot therapy experts at Barefoot Venus have mixed up a perfect combination of repairing cocoa butter, ground cloves and peppermint oil to create the most effective foot balm we’ve ever tried. It’s called All Cracked Up but we like to call it ‘Even Better than It’s Cracked Up to Be’.

It’s thick without being greasy, and smells delicious. One good application gets your heels back to normal. We recommend putting it on before bed and donning a pair of socks. Voila – in the morning you feel like you just had a pedicure. Savvy dads have even been known to use it, and it’s also great for cuticles and very dry hands.

So treat yourself before dehydration gets the best of you this winter. Your skin will thank you (unlike your children after you track down that misplaced hat for the tenth time).

Available online through Barefoot Venus (you can also check their store locator for retail locations)


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