Secret Agent Mom


Kids are so busy these days.

It’s a circus, truly.

They begin school at age two, start organizing their own play dates as soon as they can talk, host birthday party extravaganzas and attend innumerable music/sports/activities/lessons.

So what do we do with our over-programmed, over-stimulated baby Einsteins when they are home for two weeks during the upcoming holidays? Treehouse will not cut it for these geniuses (but all that free time looming ahead is a little daunting, isn’t it?)

First thing, don’t stress out. Our secret ingredient is not something that comes out of a box purchased from a store. It’s YOU. (Apparently children like to spend time with their parents!) Children can benefit most from the break in their busy lives by letting them develop and play out ideas that come from within their own inventive minds. Choose a theme as a starting point, then let them get creative with it.

Here are some home programming ideas you can do with your kids so they don’t spend the holidays programming the remote control.

Get out your trench coat because…

Spies Will Save the Day!

  1. Create a disguise, using odds and ends of clothing.
  2. Design a secret hideout—where all missions begin and end—using pillows, blankets, and sheets. Don’t worry about where things usually belong! It’s a simple clean up.
  3. Send your spies on a junk finding mission—to bring back 3 items that could help them escape (no right answers here).
  4. Make an escape route—put down stepping stones (socks, playing cards, cotton balls etc.) along the floor. In order to sneak across the house, you may only walk on the stepping stones. How about backwards?
  5. Play “What’s missing?” Every spy must have a good eye. Collect 5 – 10 objects. One person closes their eyes, while the other hides an object. What went missing?
  6. Play “Suspect 20 Questions” (for the older crew). Think up a character (pirate, batman, doctor, astronaut). The guesser may only ask yes/no questions to determine who the thief was.
  7. Bake cookies and then play “Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar”. If you are lacking for players, stuffed animals and dolls make great, willing participants.
  8. Create a new potion. Let your kids go wild with dry and wet ingredients from the kitchen to concoct a new powerful potion!

So get into it, mom, and help your children find their imaginations instead of watching someone else’s on TV. With all these good ideas, you can go on a secret mission every day!


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