Stamped Party Cups

Jan Scott April 14, 2016

I usually stay away from purchasing themed-paper cups for most of my parties. For starters, they’€™re expensive when you compare the decorated cups to their plain coloured counterparts, and’€”to be honest’€”they aren’€™t always very pretty. Not to mention that they usually come in small packages of eight or 10, when it’€™s very possible I’€™ll need double or triple that for my bash.
Instead, I prefer to stamp my party cups in colours or icons that suit the theme of the party. For birthday parties, I might use plain white cups and jazz them up with stamped polka dots (bingo dabbers work well for this), or for a Canada Day party or other seasonal celebration, I’€™d likely use a coloured cup and add a familiar image to the front of the cups.

If you don’€™t have a circle stamp, a wine cork works well and so does a potato stamp. Basically, use what you have to make inexpensive paper cups look pretty and festive.

Here’€™s how to do it:

  1. Insert 3 to 4 cups into the cup you are stamping for extra stability.
  2. Stamp the front and sides as desired.
  3. Let dry completely before using.

Have you ever stamped your cups before? Would you? What are some party decorations that you like to make from scratch?

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