Stand up to Dirty Grills


If you’re anything like us, your barbecue has already seen its fair share of action by this point in the season. We’re all about the grill, not just for the memories it conjures of idyllic summers past, but because it cuts way down on both prep time and pot scrubbing.

We know that in order to have a successful cookout this summer you need some must-haves (something to ignite the flame and something to flip those burgers are givens). Another must-have to add to your barbecue shopping list is Viva® Vantage* paper towels. The stretch sheets have enough strength to keep your BBQ in business all summer long.

That said, the barbecue takes a bit of a beating during all those summer cookouts. The good news is you don’t have to call in the pros to get it looking good again. Here are some grill-cleaning tips that will get you back in the barbecue business in no time.

1. Give it a steam
After you’ve cooked, give the grill a quick clean with a wire brush to loosen bits of food residue. Fill a metal pie plate with water and place it on the grill over one burner. Turn just that burner on low and wait until the water comes to a low boil. Close the lid so the steam can loosen all that caked-on stuff for a few minutes. Caution: Steam can burn, so turn the burner off and let the steam dissipate before slowly opening the lid.

2. Brush out the lid
Carbonized grease collects in black flecks on the inside of your barbecue lids. Loosen these with a wire brush.

3. Use your dishwasher
Sure, you can scrub your grills with a soft scouring pad, but you can also let your dishwasher do the dirty work by putting them through your pots and pans cycle. Don’t forget to oil the grills afterwards, using a Viva® Paper Towel, to re-season them so your burgers and dogs won’t stick. We like the way the Viva® towel’s V-Flex Weave* technology and high fiber content mean it can stand up to the grill bars.

4. Clean burner tubes and trays
Use a side-to-side motion with your wire brush to clean burner tubes without pushing debris into the burner holes. Then use warm water and a fine steel wool brush to scrub the burner pads.

5.  Tackle the cook box
With your grills and grill pads removed you’ll be able to see just how much of your dinner has been making it’s way to the very bottom. Loosen those super-stuck food bits with a paint scraper and push the debris into the bottom tray. Empty the tray and clean with your scouring pad.

6. Make the outside shine
Clean the outside of your grill using warm soapy water and Viva towels, then dry and shine using another Viva® towel. When wet, the Viva® paper towel is 3x more durable than other leading paper towels.

Now you’re ready to fire up the grill and get on with planning your next cookout!

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