What Every New Mom Wants


Whether you’re having a baby or not, it’s likely you know someone who is, and that means there are baby showers in your future. Here’s our guide to making sure you look as savvy as we know you are by showing up with the perfect gift. From the latest ‘it’ stroller to our favourite teether, we’ve got your baby’s bum covered.

Baby Got Stuff
Oh, oh, all the gear that they have. Stuff it in a storage bin and call it organized. We love turning to Fluf, a Canadian company that uses organic cotton and sustainable dyes to manufacture playroom-tough bins and bags. (Be the Best Guest!)

Spring a Leak 
A Peapod Mat is a simply amazing waterproof cover to protect the bed from all sorts of fluids. The difference with this one? It goes on top of the sheets, with a grippy material underneath that means no more bunching! We’re buying two…because we’ve been there. They’re also great for the stroller, change table or highchair. (Be the Best Guest!)

Spring brings all sorts of showers. You’ll make their ‘best guest’ list for sure when you show up with one of our 22 Best Baby Shower Gifts.



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