Stretch Is In

SavvyMom February 28, 2017

Moms know that stretch is a good thing. It’s something we learn early on—at about the third month of pregnancy in fact. And like anything else, once we’re in the know about something, we appreciate it in so many forms (maternity jeans, kids’ gear, a dollar). Simply put, stretch allows you to do more.

Did you know a little stretch can go a long way in a paper towel too? New to Canada, Viva® Vantage* paper towels are made with V-Flex Weave* which gives them the perfect combination of strength, stretch and absorbency to tackle your everyday messes. With their unique texture, these towels stretch to give incredible strength and durability to take on more messes. And messes are what moms deal with every day.

Big messes, little messes, with Choose-A-Sheet*, you always have the right size towel for the job. Plus unlike most other paper towels, Viva® Vantage* gives you amazing flexibility to get into all the nooks and crannies without breaking up.

We know that using the right tools for the job is important. So try the new Viva® Vantage* towels (and save $1 off with this coupon). You’ll understand why we say you have to stretch it to get it.


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