8 Stunning Vancouver Hikes for Families

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For many, hiking is a hobby best enjoyed in the sun, but you don’t have to be a hardcore hiker to enjoy a climb in less than perfect conditions. Vancouverites, as a rule, embrace the rain, and when you add in some beautiful views, a waterfall or some other fascinating point of interest, these Vancouver hikes present a day that renders the rain irrelevant.

BC hiking is world-renowned and there are a ton of breathtaking options to choose from. Don’t let our rain stop you from exploring the soul-soothing terrain and abundant beauty that BC has to offer.

The following Vancouver hikes for families are so good, so beautiful, you’ll want to get out there, rain or shine.

8 Stunning Vancouver Hikes for Families

North of Vancouver

1. Hike: Quarry Rock

Location: Deep Cove
Time: 2 hours
Distance: 4km
Difficulty: Easy

Beginning along the Baden Powell Trail, this relatively short hike is a great choice for a day trip and will reward you with breathtaking views of Indian Arm and Deep Cove at the summit. Pack a lunch and eat at the top, or enjoy some downtime in the Deep Cove village afterward. Running or walking, quickly or slowly, this hike is a must-do for locals and tourists alike.

2. Hike: Norvan Falls

Location: Deep Cove
Time: 5 hours
Distance: 14km
Difficulty: Moderate

This spectacular location is everything wonderful you’ve heard about Vancouver hikes. Located in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, it boasts a 30 ft waterfall, gorgeous views, rich and varied foliage, and above and beyond all that? It’s pet-friendly accessible by public transit and only moderately difficult. So, enjoy a wonderful day hiking – even if the weather isn’t wonderful.

West of Vancouver

3. Hike: Cypress Falls

Location: West Vancouver
Time: 1.5 hours
Distance: 3km
Difficulty: Easy

A fantastic family-friendly hike, this beautiful trail will take you by two stunning waterfalls while you enjoy the views of some of the largest Cedars and Douglas Firs in the area. The lower falls are quick to find and easy to reach. If you have the time, continue on to the upper falls and enjoy the spectacular views of flowing water and the soothing sounds of nature around you. Pet-friendly and loaded with interesting bridges, rushing creeks and lush greenery, Cypress Falls is a small, hidden gem that will pleasantly surprise you, rain or shine.

4. Hike: Whyte Lake Park Trail

Location: West Vancouver
Time: 2 hours
Distance: 6km
Difficulty: Moderate

Relax and enjoy the magnificent sights while you hike this relatively easy trail that leads you through old-growth forest to the charming and serene Whyte Lake. With 300 metres of boardwalk, a pier, creeks and tons of tranquility, Whyte Lake Park offers a day full of BC’s best. The rain won’t bother you and the sights, smells, sounds, and feels will delight you.

East of Vancouver

5. Hike: Diez Vistas

Location: Port Moody
Time: 3-6 hours
Distance: 12.8km
Difficulty: Moderate (for an easier hike, stick to the Buntzen Lake Trail)

Spanish for “ten views”, Diez Vista is a winding trail that starts and ends at the Buntzen Lake recreation area in Port Moody. Connecting to the Buntzen Lake trail this hike offers beautiful views of Burrard Inlet, Indian Arm, Eagle Ridge and the North Shore Mountains. Travel through the fragrant forest and cross an exhilarating suspension bridge located in a 250m canal between Buntzen and McCombe Lake. Rain or shine, this hike is a beauty.

6. Hike: Kanaka Creek Cliff Falls Trail

Location: Maple Ridge
Time: 2 hour
Distance: 4km
Difficulty: Easy

A light, easy trail, the Kanaka Creek Trail provides a lot of bang for your buck. Beautiful water views of the Fraser River, Kanaka Creek waterfall and countless trickling waterways, this easy hike will only take up half your day, including lunch at the picnic area. Enjoy the outdoors together as a family, or get in some exercise and enjoy a hike alone. Rain? What rain?

Outside of Vancouver

7. Hike: Lindeman Lake Trail

Location: Chilliwack
Time: 2 hours
Distance: 3.4km
Difficulty: Moderate

Snow-capped mountain peaks, a gorgeous, turquoise blue lake and lush, forest-filled trails make Lindeman Lake Trail a hike to remember. Although further from Vancouver than some of the more well-known favourites, this experience is definitely worth the drive. Go for the day or camp overnight in the tenting areas provided. Bring your kids, bring your dogs and bring your rain gear – you’re all set for some soul-satisfying nature vibes.

8. Hike: Stawamus Chief

Location: Squamish
Time: 3-5 hours
Distance: 3-4km
Difficulty: Moderate

With views of Squamish, Howe Sound and the Coast Mountains, this hike is popular for a reason. The breathtaking scenery, 3 different peaks and stunning foliage will help you make memories whatever the weather. Known affectionately as “The Chief”, this out-of-town destination is about a 40-minute drive from Vancouver, has easy-to-find parking and is even easier on the eyes. Breathe in the mountain air, enjoy the peace and serenity and forget your troubles – even in the rain. Pure perfection.

Hiking in Vancouver will never let you down. Rain or shine, short hikes or longer ones, the mountains, lakes and forests of the area are readily available, right in our backyard. While exciting trails can be found in dozens of locations, it’s important to keep safety at the forefront. Hike within your skill level, take navigational and safety equipment if required, watch for wildlife and don’t forget snacks and water.

Now get out there and hike – rain or shine, these 8 family-friendly Vancouver hikes for families are sure to show you a good time.



  1. Susan Ewing on January 22, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    The Quarry Rock hike is closed due to the pandemic.

  2. Rahel Thomson on January 22, 2021 at 10:54 pm

    Quarry Rock hike is closed and has been for 10 months due to Covid. Why would you publish an article listing a hike (as #1 on the list no less) that has been closed to the public for almost a year?!?

    • Heather Dixon on January 24, 2021 at 9:42 am

      This was written pre-pandemic and we haven’t had a chance to update it properly. We will put it on our list. Thank you for the note.

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