Take a Stand! Kids Squeeze Fun out of Lemons


Kids are smart these days. Moms sometimes have to work hard at staying smarter than them. Thanks to the Google-is-a-verb generation, our kids have access (and an interest) to global issues more than we ever did. With this awareness, young children are learning about how to help others across continents and in their own neighbourhoods—planting the seeds for a life filled with philanthropy. It’s important to foster kids in their growth and help them discover easy ways to give back to the community.
Now in its fifth year, Sunkist Take a Stand is bringing back the lemonade stand and modernizing it for today’s smart, socially conscious kids. It’s still the same old fashioned idea but with a wonderful youth philanthropy twist that makes both moms and kids smile.

Children can simply submit their pledge online to participate in the Sunkist Take a Stand program. The real excitement is that Sunkist plans to give out 20,000 free lemonade stands this summer, while supplies last, to thoughtful kids eager to make a difference and pledge the money they earn to a charity of their choice.


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