On the Fringe


In some parts of the world, ‘fringe’ is another word for bangs. In others (like our part), it refers to something or someone on the edge, perhaps an extreme political concept or someone who has less than impeccable manners.
Don’t let that scare you when we tell you that the Toronto Fringe Festival has a great line up of plays for you to take your kids to this summer. After all, we live in Toronto the good…how fringe can we get?

What makes these plays fab and on the fringe is that they are just a little bit more interesting than the usual take on some traditional fairytales. Take Cinderlad, presented by upsidedown frown productions for example. It’s a modern fairytale about a boy named Cinderlad and how he saved the kingdom. Cinderlad gets picked on by his older brothers and made to do the worst chores in the house by his father. Sound vaguely familiar?

We’re lining up for the Fart Factory, presented by Taylor Made The Story So Far Productions, because we suspect that kind of clever wit will suit our nine and ten year old boys just perfectly. But if your kids are a bit younger, more civilized and perhaps a tad more feminine, something like the Pied Piper, presented by Solar Stage Children’s Theatre, or Three Magic Wishes, presented by Cow Over Moon children’s theatre, might be more your style.


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