The 2012 Top 10 Canadian Food Searches on Google


I’€™m a sucker for any kind of top 10 list, and the ones that come out at the end of each year are no exception. I love to see which movies were most popular, which songs were listened to the most and which books were read more than any other. (I think this year it was that one that no one read’€”Fifty Shades of’€¦something or other’€”ha!)
But naturally, the lists that pique my interest the most are the ones that focus on food. Google recently shared their annual Zeitgeist list, and included the most searched food items in Canada. I can’€™t say I’€™m surprised to see bacon topped the list’€”after all, we were smart enough to feature it as a main ingredient in our September edition of EatSavvy‘€”but I will admit I was pleasantly surprised to see so many French Canadian menu items made the list. Also, Kraft Dinner made the cut this year, which I found interesting’€”and overall, I was kind of shocked that not one healthy, yet trendy term (Quinoa! Paleo! Kale!) made the list.

Here’€™s the list for your perusal’€”what do you think this says about our food culture?

1. Bacon
2. Poutine
3. Maple Syrup
4. Yorkshire Puddings
5. Bannock
6. Smoked Meat
7. Kraft Dinner
8. Butter Tarts
9. Sucre a la Crème
10. Sugar Pie

And just for fun, here are the number one non-brand food searches from other countries:

U.S.A. ‘€“ Coleslaw
France ‘€“ Gigot D’€™Agneau (Leg of Lamb)
Norway ‘€“ Pavlova
Mexico ‘€“ Pizza
China ‘€“ Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs (It was the eighth item on the list’€”the first seven were fast food chains and coffee shops.)


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