The Baby Box Company Is Coming To Ontario

The Baby Box Company

Expectant mothers in Finland have received baby boxes from the state for over 75 years, which serve as a starter kit for their new baby. These boxes contain clothes, blankets, various newborn necessities (like teethers, bath supplies, toys, and books), and the box itself is lined with a mattress, so that it can be used as the baby’s first bed.

The Baby Box Company, founded by Jennifer Clary and Michelle Vick, started as a way to combat the infant mortality rate in the US. It then grew in its aim, seeking to provide these boxes to expectant mothers worldwide so that all children get an equal start in life, and to provide parents with necessary infant supplies, especially if they’re unable to get them otherwise.

Jennifer Weber, Chief Education Officer for The Baby Box Co, told us that what sets this baby box apart from all the others is that it’s ‘the only internationally certified box that is safe for babies to sleep in.’ Meeting international standards is no easy feat, but they’ve gone above and beyond to make sure their boxes are safe for babies and accessible for parents everywhere. They’ve drawn on the very best through research and practitioners in the field to ensure the quality and purpose of each item will enhance the infant’s life.

If you live in Ontario and are expecting a baby, we’ve got some exciting news. The Baby Box Company is working with Pampers to bring the boxes here, for free. All expecting and new families in Ontario are eligible to receive the box and infant supplies, as long as they receive prenatal care and fulfill the Ontario education syllabus available on Baby Box University.

The aim of the boxes is to be a part of the process as early as possible, encouraging health and educating parents before the baby even arrives, in order to build a steady foundation of knowledge and resources that will contribute to the infant’s well-being.

The company works with different community programs (such as The Children’s Aid Foundation and The New Mom Project) to ensure the specific needs of children in that community are being met and to positively impact the children’s development.

Each product in the box is meant to enhance the life of the infant and support healthy brain development. Any toys or reading material included have been chosen with care. They work on developing accessible parenting material, wanting every family to have an ease of access to the material and offer vital information on children’s brain development so that they can grow into thriving adults.


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