The Best of 2012 on the EatSavvy Blog


One of the highlights of my job is writing this EatSavvy blog. I love the challenge of coming up with topics which I hope are as interesting’€”and helpful’€”to you, as they are to me. I have pages and pages of ideas for the coming year, but if there is anything in particular you would like to see covered, please don’€™t hesitate to let me know. It could be more articles on the latest food news, strategies for feeding your picky eaters, simple weeknight dinners or even allergy-friendly recipes’€”nothing is off limits.
While you brainstorm a little about what you might like to see here in the future, I thought I would share a recap of some of the more popular posts from the past year. These are the ones that had you talking, the ones that (hopefully!) provided you with a little extra help in the kitchen and the ones that kept your family well fed.

Best of 2012: Most Talked About

Nutella Loses the ‘€˜Healthy’€™ Lawsuit
The Dining Out Dilemma
Is Organic Really Better For You?

Best of 2012: Most Helpful

10 Cooking Tools Every Home Cook Needs
6 Budget-Friendly Ingredients
Meal Planning 101
5 (More) Secrets to Making the Perfect Pie Crust
Pancakes 101

Best of 2012: Most Tasty

Frozen Elvis Bites
A Healthier Chocolate Chip Cookie
No-Knead Bread
Simple Skillet Dinners
Honey Madeleines

Did you have a favourite post from the past year? Please share!


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