The Best Picks from the Grocery Store

SavvyMom January 11, 2017


When you’re navigating the grocery store aisles, often with a kid or two in tow, it’s not easy to be sure you’re making healthy choices. Time for reading food labels is scarce when you’re rushing to get to the checkout and home to make dinner. The best choices aren’t always obvious, and some that might look like good options could fall squarely in the category we call ‘sometimes foods.’ We’ve read the labels for you and present this handy guide to the grocery store.

Granola Bars 
We were super stoked with this new Nature Valley granola bar offering. They’re nut-free and have 5 g of fibre and only 4 g of sugar per bar, and they actually taste good. We’ll be leaving the Chewy Dipps on the shelf, though. With 13 g of sugar, they’re pretty much devoid of nutrition, plus they are not safe for school as they currently have a ‘may contain nuts’ label. (Your Best Bet!)

Breakfast Foods
These mini pitas are a great way to start the day. They offer protein and fibre with the sweetness of raisins to keep little palates happy. We like them toasted and topped with a dollop of fruit spread. Not all breakfast foods are created equal, though. We found gluten-free muffins with added sugar and startling lack of fibre—not much better than a cupcake. (Your Best Bet!)

We’ve scoured the aisles and done our homework. Keep reading to see the rest of our Best Picks from the Grocery Aisles.


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