How to Protect Your Child’s Developing Eyes

SavvyMom January 11, 2017

The eyes are often overlooked, as ironic as that sounds. At least with kids, that is. But our friend Dr. Josephson, an optician with the International Standards Organization, is here to remind us of what to do to ensure your child’s developing eyes are protected. Here are some important Q & A’s to consider.

Q: How do you know if your child needs an eye exam?
A: Every child should have an eye exam at 18 months to establish a base line and to look for any unusual eye issues. Then about once every 12-18 months thereafter till age 10. If a child wears soft contact lenses, then the doctor will recommend a check-up every six months. (Learn More!)

Q: What are the main concerns moms should have about their kids’ eye health? 
A: Moms should protect their kids from UV rays by having them wear sunglasses when playing outdoors, even on cloudy days (because there is just as much UV danger on a cloudy day). Also, make sure that they have an exam to see if there is a significant prescription that could affect school work or class attention. (Learn More!)

Dr. Josephson has more great tips on how to protect your kids’ eye health. Read on to learn the rest of our ABCs of Protecting Your Child’s Developing Eyes.


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