Cuppow BNTO Widemouth Jar Lunchbox Adaptor


From home décor to food storage, we’€™ve been seeing mason and canning jars everywhere. And is it any wonder? They’€™re food-safe, dishwasher safe, don’€™t leach toxins, look chicer than Tupperware and come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colours. They make fabulous grab-and-go snack containers, and with the Cuppow BNTO Widemouth Jar Lunchbox Adaptor, you can divide any jar into two parts, keeping the wet and dry snack foods separate. Your new two-in-one container is perfect for veggies and dip, granola and yoghurt, hummus and crackers, even cookies and milk. Snack on! ($8.79, available at


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