Show Us Your Christmas: the SavvyMom December Photo-a-Day Challenge


Last December, I was fortunate enough to participate in a photo-a-day challenge on Instagram. A group I’€™m involved in (the Food Bloggers of Canada) organized the activity and provided us with a list of daily prompts, which were used to inspire me and the other participants to take the time to capture a seasonally related photo each day. Some of the words they selected’€”holiday cheer, peppermint, star, and wreath’€”served as great reminders to include some of the smaller, less obvious aspects of the holidays in our pictures, and because we all used the same hashtag on our images I was able to see how my friends were celebrating their own winter holidays.

This year, we’€™d love to invite you to take part in our December photo-a-day challenge. The rules are very simple: follow the daily prompt words above to create a simple digital photo taken with your phone or tablet, then share it on Instagram and tag your pictures with #SMphotoaday so that we can keep up with what our readers are making, baking, eating, and celebrating through the month of December.

If you’€™d like to follow along with us, we are @savvymomdotca and my personal account is @jannisescott1. Also, if you think you’€™d like to participate please leave your Instagram name in the comments below so we can be sure to follow you as well.

A side note: don’€™t worry if you can’€™t upload a photo every day. Feel free to join in the fun whenever if it suits your schedule. Also, if you are not on the social media picture-sharing site, you can still use this list of words as a holiday photo checklist to make sure you capture some of those small, significant moments during the Christmas season!

Have fun! We can’€™t wait to see what you get up to this month.

P.S. In order to remember what the prompts were for each day I took a screen shot of the list of words and kept in on my phone’€™s camera roll so I could easily refer back if I forgot what the words were.

You can also see a higher resolution version of the word prompts here.


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