The List: 12 Ways to Keep It Simple


Keep It Simple, Stupid (aka KISS).
The notion of keeping things simple when you’re juggling kids, extracurricular activities, meals and working is far from simple. It’s really just another item on your to-do list.

That can change with the help of the sanity savers and tips we’ve rounded up to make your life a bit easier with 12 Ways to Keep It Simple.

If the nutritional well-being of your family often depends on a last-minute trip to the grocery store at dinner time, or scraping freezer burn off an old bag of chicken fingers, it’s time to bake up a better plan. Start a weekly meal plan with the help of The Six O’Clock Scramble weekly meal-planning service—and stick to it. You’ll never again find the need to have the deep-dish pizzeria on speed dial. You’ll be amazed at the financial benefits, too.

YankzThe long and short of it is, a little thing like a shoelace may not seem significant, but when it impacts your heart rate on a run, causes you to drop four bags of groceries, or takes up two minutes in the morning you don’t have, you’ll see how a loose lace can make a big impact. Teach them their knots, but in the meantime, tighten it up and forget about it with Yankz.

just say NOAfter a year of being schooled in the art of ‘no’ by our two year-olds, that word should roll just as easily off our own tongue. “No I can’t volunteer this week. No, I can’t attend your jewellery party. No, I can’t take your kids for lunch—again.” And no, we’re not going to make any excuses for advocating its use. We’re more frequently trying to come from a place of no, and yes, it feels good. So, just say NO.

We know you could use a little more help. Check out all 12 Ways to Keep It Simple in our gallery. Tested by Alison R., Toronto


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