The List: 15 Fab Father’s Day Gifts

SavvyMom June 10, 2016

We’€™ve heard it said that men are simple creatures’€”they’€™re happy when they’re fed and entertained. So keep them content with one of our 15 Fab Father’€™s Day Gifts.

For the Dad Who Is Always in the Dark
Time to shed some light on those problems you’€™re having in the house? Or garage? Or boathouse? This bendy flashlight can bring anyone out of the dark, anywhere, anytime. Proof that being flexible really is a good thing. ($39.95, Tell me more)

For the Dad Who Yearns for a Room of His Own
Settle the ongoing dispute over turning the basement into a ‘€˜man cave’€™ and give him a wall of his own’€”in an area you can both agree on (good luck with that). What you lose in decor aesthetic, you gain in scoring points for supporting his passion for golf. (Starting at $35, Tell me more)

For the Father With a Fitness Wish List
We can’€™t promise this won’€™t join the dusty treadmill, the P90X DVDs or the chin-up bar languishing in the closet. We can promise that for the dad who swears this time he’€™s really getting back into shape, this small fitness accessory is a tiny investment. It can be used on any carpet and offers a heck of an ab workout. ($14.95, Tell me more)

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