The List: 18 Apps that Take the Trouble out of Travel


Travelling with kids? There’s an app for that.
Read The List: 18 Apps that Take the Trouble out of Travel to find lots of fun and educational apps to download before you get on that plane, train or automobile.

No one can ever take the place of you, but as a decent substitute during the periods when you prefer not to be distracted (like driving), our money is on Read Me Stories. This app consists of a library of books that are simple but fun, whimsical and captivating for young kids—always with a good message at heart. It includes a decent amount of free books, with access to the larger library coming at an additional (but nominal) cost. (Find it here)

Alphabet TracingThere are no bells and whistles involved with Alphabet Tracing (literally). With all the cluttered apps in the early alphabet learning arena, we love its simplicity. An uncomplicated screen encourages kids to practice tracing upper case and lower case letters and numbers. Like most apps, the sound can be disabled, and best of all, it’s free. Think of it as old school learning in a new school world. (Find it here)

Bakery StoryBakery Story is unquestionably a game, but with legitimate learning thrown in. As the proprietor of this busy bakery, your little entrepreneur is responsible for all aspects of the store, from mixing and baking cakes, to menu planning to seating customers and more. The older the player, the more they’ll understand, but kids six and up will rise (get it?) to the occasion when running their own shop. (Find it here)

Motion Math: Hungry FishThere are dozens of math-focused apps available, but our preference tends towards Motion Math: Hungry Fish for its visual manipulation of addition, subtraction and negatives. As the numbers pop onto the screen, drag them together to make the required total. In the highest levels of difficulty (the Caves), there’s only one chance to get it right before the Mad Fish eats your wrong answers. This game has relatively simple graphics compared to some games, but they’ll be concentrating too hard to figure (ha!) that out. (Find it here)

Just make sure you remind them to look up from their screen for a few minutes to see the clouds. They might like that too.

So check out The List: 18 Apps that Take the Trouble out of Travel before heading on your journey. Who said travelling with kids was hard?


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