The List: 12 Thoughtful Teachers’ Gifts

SavvyMom June 10, 2016

Sure, there are many ways to say thank you, but nothing says it better than a thoughtful gift. Pair one of these 12 Thoughtful Teachers’ Gifts with a homemade card from the student and a handwritten note from you’€”and you’€™re sure to be voted class mom next fall.

Teachers Apple Jar
There’€™s nothing rotten about this apple. Create a keepsake (filled with candies) and have your kids’€”or the entire class’€”preserve their name on a porcelain apple. Hand it over as a show of thanks to your/their favourite teacher, ready to be reused on their desk for years to come. ($30, Tell me more)

BEST iPhone Cover
Pencils, paint and chalk may be their tools of choice by day, but by night, your child’€™s phenomenal teacher is most likely an iPhone addict as well. A personalized cover promoting their special skill or simply their name will protect their phone while providing them with a proprietary keepsake. ($24, Tell me more)

Savvy: Gifts for Teachers on Pinterest
Looking for some DIY ideas on how to show your appreciation? We have it all on our Pinterest page’€”it’s full of homemade gifts for teachers. (Tell me more)

For more inspiration on teacher appreciation, check out our 12 Thoughtful Teachers’ Gifts.

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